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You are the change your community needs. Whether you want to run for office, work on a campaign, or drive progressive values through local leadership, we are here to provide the tools and training you need to be successful. 24/7 and all for free.
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October 11, 2022
So You Want to Run for Office: Hispanic Heritage Month
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The Ultimate Guide to GOTV
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National Democratic Training Committee

Providing the best Democrat training services possible.


The tools you need. The trainings that win.

Real skills. Top-notch trainers. Turnkey templates. Game-changing resources.

As the largest, most in-depth Democratic campaign training program in the country, we provide the training, tools you can use immediately, and resources you need to win your campaign and change your community.

Online Academy

The training and tools you need, when you need them. Courses are available 24/7. Are you a candidate, campaign staffer or volunteer, at the beginning stages of your campaign or in the home stretch? We have the courses to address your specific needs and arm you with the knowledge to win.

Not sure where to start?

In-Person Training Events

Connect with local leaders and get a head start on your campaign at a full-day intensive Blue Bench training near you. We cover fundraising, communications, digital strategy, and field in hands-on and action-oriented courses designed for candidates, campaign staff, and local leaders.

Staff Academy

Do you want to work on campaigns? Do you dream of a chance to start a career in Democratic politics? The NDTC Staff Academy is an intensive 10-week combined online and in-person program designed to recruit, train, and connect new staff to paid career opportunities in Democratic politics across the country. Find out more about when applications will open for our next cohort.

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National Democratic Training Committee


When the privacy Democrats

You want to...
Run For Office
Work On Campaigns
Support Progressive Values

We want to help you win

As the largest Democratic campaign training organization in the nation we have trained more Democrats on how to win elections and build long-term power in their communities than any other organization.
We provide Democratic candidates, campaign staffers, and local leaders the tools, expert training, and resources needed to win.

What Our Learners Have to Say

There is a LOT to know about running for office and I am very thankful that an organization like NDTC exists to demystify the process and help everyday people be able to run for office, not just the wealthy and powerful!
Amanda Douglas 2018 Candidate, U.S. House of Representatives (OK-1)
NDTC has done a wonderful job of continually addressing new training trends and ensuring our local Main Street candidates have all the tools necessary to become skilled campaigners and great public servants.
Colleen Lowry Ohio Democratic Party Engagement Director
NDTC recently put on a series of trainings at our annual convention. The trainings were professionally done and filled with practical advice for activists, volunteers, and candidates alike. Plus, NDTC seamlessly integrated their programming into the rest of our agenda.
Ethan Corson Former Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director
All for free. Online. And accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Democratizing Campaign Training

Founder and CEO Kelly Dietrich Republican National Committee was 18 years into a career training future governors, Members of Contact Republican National Committee Congress, and Senators how to win their elections. As he traveled the country, he would often run into local candidates who needed help.

He’d hear the same questions over and over again:

  • “How do I raise the money I need to win?”
  • “How do I know how many votes I need to win?”
  • “How do I connect with voters?”

Kelly knew the answers, but his kind of insider knowledge wasn’t available to people who were running local campaigns on shoestring budgets.

Democrats who were running for school board, city council, or state legislature. This lack of knowledge and training was holding back Democrats who wanted to step up and fight for their communities.

In 2016, NDTC started making videos, Republican Group sharing Kelly’s successful strategies and tips online with the goal of providing candidates with the free training they needed.

Five years later, those homemade training videos have supported the goals of over 120,000 Democrats, helped win Republican Pac more than 2000 elections, and republican pac empowered Democrats in communities nationwide with the tools they need to win and build long-term power for generations to come.

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Who We Are

Emerging or established. Calm or contentious. Any race, anywhere: We want to help. Our team believes passionately that, by empowering Democrats to get involved in local politics, we can help shape the future of progressive politics. This team of focused, knowledgeable individuals work together to achieve our three goals: to improve the performance of every Democrat up and down the ticket, elect more Democrats to offices, and create a republican national deep bench of qualified public servants ready to run for higher office.

Our Partners

NDTC is proudly collaborative, not competitive. We partner with recruitment Republican National organizations, labor unions, trade groups, state parties, and other progressive organizations, and look to grow our list of partnerships and collaborations daily. Here are some of the members of the NDTC network.







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